Worry Not, Folks.

by Pauline

HappyI had a rough week, the kind you just want to stay at home and hide in your closet. I am however thankful to God for people who put a smile on my face, sun in my cloud. My good friend  did a post on effects of worry and i had to share here. I hope this works for you out there who is worried over things you cannot change. stay blessed.

Worry is the enemy of advancement.-Don Matheny-

Don Matheny is not a famous author, scholar or news-maker. Don was, until last Sunday, unknown to me. He is a founder and senior pastor at Nairobi Lighthouse Church, which is situated at Garden Estate, one kilometer off Mountain Mall.

I kind of usually fellowship at Thika Road Baptist Church, and this is where I set out to go the same Sunday I met pastor Don. I say kind of because me and going to church have an unstable relationship. On-off. A relationship that needs that ‘where is this going’ conversation.

I going to church depends on things out of my control. If it is colder than usual, I don’t go. If I wake up Sunday and television is interesting, I don’t go. If someone hits me up with a plan…You get it.

Let me also say that until that Sunday, I never really believed in God directly guiding a person’s ways or deeds. Humans personally make decisions on most of the things they do. I would chuckle every time I heard people giving testimonies on how God told them to go somewhere, or to someone, and instantly know that theirs are cooked testimonies meant to deceive us liberal Christians into sowing seed. You know how some Nairobi preachers are!

God speaks to us his children through the Holy Bible. Period. You read the scripture, and then let it influence your way. Anything else is foolery. But, lo and behold, brethren, God speaks to us in more ways than one. He secretly guides our paths. He lives in us.

He holds the light that leads you home when darkness catches up with you. If you don’t understand the scriptures, buddy, God will talk to you in a way that you understand. Sometimes He will push you down a valley, just because He is at the bottom waiting to chat you up.

How do I know this?
Some context.
In the past several months, worry had been a part of me. It had grown so thick around me you could cut it with a knife. Heck, you could even feel it if you hugged me. You could even kick it if you had the legs, and the energy. But it wouldn’t go away. It had literally pulled a chair inside my life, and started watching The Simpsons season 1 in slow motion, with the prospect of getting to season 27.

My fears and what the bible says about me: Bible verses to remind you what God has in store for you.

It is a long and unnecessary story, but one that must be told, on a later date. For now, I needed to cut a corner, and run fast. Fast like an elite athlete. Like a Usain Bolt on steroids. I didn’t like the life I was living. Anything and anyone, even those who owe me money, could show me the finger. And I couldn’t do bloody nothing about it.

But I serve a living God. A God who doesn’t mind me skipping Church because TV is awesome. A God who doesn’t do second chances. Second chances are for jilted lovers. The God I serve, is a God of multiple chances. He will never give up on you, even if you denounce Christianity and embrace Islam, or Buddhism.

That Sunday, I wake up and get ready to go to Baptist. My church. However, there is an accident a few meters past the roundabout, and traffic is standstill. The kind that doesn’t move until the drivers of the vehicles involved figure out who is on the wrong, or who isn’t on the wrong. It was already past 11, and waiting any longer meant showing up in church so late it would have been a mockery of the Church’s established schedule.

So what do I do?
I say to hell with Church. We can do this next Sunday. Next, I take the nearest exit, toward Garden Estate. But driving about 900 meters into Garden Estate what do I see? A church. Nairobi Lighthouse Church. I can hear the sounds of drums and pianos and trumpets and whatnot, so the sermon is yet to be delivered. People are praising. Dancing for the Lord, if you will. I turn left, and hit the church.

Anyway, to cut the story, pastor Don preached about worry, and what it does to people. The kind of sermon I needed to shake off my worry, and wear the courage to take on all the problems that were troubling me.
If this isn’t God leading my way, then I dunno.

The Accomplishments of Worry Before fleshing out Don’s sermon on the accomplishments of worry, look at some interesting stats. People spend:

  • 40% of their time worrying about things that will never happen  
  •  30% worrying about things that happened in the past       
  • 12% worrying about criticism by others   
  • 10% worrying about their health 
  •  8% worrying about REAL problems.

There is a difference between worry and genuine concern. According to pastor Don, genuine concern pushes you to action, while worry immobilizes you.

Worry Affects Your Productivity
Many of us are on our first jobs. Working hard, earning low. Not to worry, our time to eat is surely coming. Seriously though, on a first job, you need to prove that you can deliver. It’s a time to put in the hours, hoping someone will notice and give you a promotion, or at least pat your back. If you allow something or someone to worry you, you lose the grind. Your productivity will go down, along with your chances of making that elusive next step in your career.


Worry Affects Your Health
You don’t need the scriptures to know that worry negatively affects your health. You get worried, it grows into stress, and before you know it, it’s clinical depression. Even if it doesn’t get there, worry will affect your appetite. You will either eat less, or eat more. Emotional eating. The kind of appetite that makes you find solace in food. If food doesn’t come to you, you go for it. (Not my words, those. Pastor Don’s). Then you gain weight, and if you are a girl, you will feel bad about yourself.

Guys, if you worry, you may lose your hair. Do you really want to go bald at 25? Then the baldness develops into an acquired gene and you pass it down to your kids, and your kids will pass it down to their kids. Basically, you will be the beginning of a clan of bald guys. Btw, being bald isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could be cool, depending on how you wear it.

Worry Immobilizes You
Worry can bring you to a standstill. OK, life may seem to stop when you go broke, but you will at least wake up with a healthy mind. Plus, you can borrow some cash to stay afloat until you are out of the woods. Unlike money, or lack of it, worry totally immobilizes you. You can’t think. You can do absolutely zilch. You will just sit there, or stand if you are Maasai, worrying yourself sick.

Brethren, God is greater than our worried hearts. In John 14:1, Jesus asks us not to let our hearts be troubled. He wants us to believe in him. To cast all our burdens, anxieties and fears on Him. Your career progress is stalling? Don’t worry. You think your boyfriend has a ravenous appetite for…err, food? Worry not. God is the provider. Things are bad between Mum and Dad back at home? Leave it to God, for he has an incredible way of making every crooked way straight.
He got this, folks.

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