Where I am: Taking stock.

by Pauline


The first month of the year has come to an end and most of us are elated. Many claim it is the longest month and it is but its end also means that time is flying. I hope you have followed through with your new habits of the year and you are doing the best at achieving your goals. Do not fret if life is stalling because every day is a new chance to make things right.

Looking back at the habits I decided to adopt, I have decided to share on some of the things I have been able to do and hope to continue doing.

Surrendering: I have learnt to surrender and surrender more. I learnt earlier on that depression creeps in when we try to take control of our lives while God is calling us to surrender it all to Him. I have been casting my burdens unto Him and definitely taking His yoke, which is easy. My family, my career, relationships I have surrendered it to him and taken the back seat knowing He has taken the wheel.

Asking God for His will to be done and having Him take away everything I am holding onto that is not of Him has brought me joy in the long run. It  is never easy to begin with because He removes people and things you thought were good for you but trust Him.

Practicing gratitude: I use the life I live journal that allows me to list things I am grateful for every day. It can be anything from feeling a certain way, to acquiring something or simply have a clean bill of health. You will only experience true happiness when you learn to practice gratitude. You do not only practice gratitude when something good happens you also acknowledge moments of growth that may be painful.

Reading and writing: I have adopted a habit of reading two books in a month and that calls for more time set for reading. It has always been easy for me to watch a movie than to take up a book but that is changing in 2018 as I have achieved the target in January. I am also taking 15 minutes to write every day, poetry and stories, some for me and others for the blog.

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Listening to: Podcasts and music, I am addicted to podcasts, its how I start my mornings. I have a few podcasts I have been loving but one of my favorites include myleik teele, she’s beauty and the beast, woman Evolve and January has been for Oprah’s super soul conversations. Oprah has been giving me life with her deep conversations with people who have overcome adversities. I hope to discover local podcasts too this year.
I also listen to a lot of gospel music and my two songs of the month are even if, and you carry me.

 Creating  routines and self care practices: I am being intentional with my time and that calls for proper planning. I have morning and evening routines that I try to follow everyday, some days maybe impossible because I can’t predict the time I get home but the most important ones have to happen every day.

Oprah says “you are responsible for your life.” I take self-care seriously and every time someone comes in and disrupts that, I have a self-talk. “Why did you let them in? And I take responsibility. I will love and care for people from a distance but I will not allow them to poison my space.
My self-care therefore includes letting go of destructive habits and people who no longer serve me. It includes listening to my body, doing what I love and being in creative spaces. It also includes forgiving myself for failures and loving every bit of me.

Working out: I have new found respect for people who work out daily. This thing is tough and I am back after taking a long break. Waking up early every day to jog and then work out isn’t the most interesting story. The interesting part comes with the results, I no longer have health issues and my body keeps getting better so it’s a win.

Having devotion time: This is part of my self-care routine, spending intentional time with my creator. I want a deep relationship with God this year and hence I am making time for us. It is my most sacred moment and talking to my father has helped me become a better person.

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Practicing kindness and love: I am learning to be kind to people not for what I can get from them but because I should be kind. I am learning to love people not only those who love me but everyone else. In the world we are living in everybody has their own struggle and people will react to you according to what they are going through. People however when they are approached with love and understanding they reciprocate that no matter how they came for you.
If you check out YouTube you might have bumped into the jay z interview where he discusses matters on life and marriage. I did listen to the interview and one profound thing he said was on why people act in a certain way. “You got bullied as a kid so you are trying to bully me, I understand and once I understand that instead of reacting to that with anger I can provide a softer landing.” He says.

Saving: I hope you all read my previous post on money. I have started working on my savings kitty and in the market for a Sacco as I start saving for my future financial obligations. There is no perfect time to start and realizing that got me going.
Here is to believing this is our year and being intentional so it can actualize.


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