Vision Board.

by Pauline

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.” Is a common advice that many of us don’t heed. You have all these images in your head of what your dream car looks like, your dream home, family or even your dream job.

You have it in your mind and may have shared with your peers who jokingly put you off and you laughed it off too. “Yeah, I am probably being over ambitious,” You say all the time after speaking your dreams out.

A vision board; a crazy board for crazy people with crazy dreams. That is my definition of a vision board, also I am crazy and that makes me a vision board believer. I have listened to testimonies of both known and unknown people who put out in the world what they wanted and somehow the universe conspired. A friend that I respect told me that when he got his first job and got a cheque book he wrote to himself a cheque of 1 million shillings and put the cheque in his bedroom. Every day he would look at it until the day it was actualized.
Put your matches down, I am not referring to witchcraft or magic. I am referring to the power of visualization. The power of believing in yourself more than anyone else ever will. The power of knowing what you want and truly believing you can have it within a period of time. The power of putting it out to the universe. ‘

The power of becoming what you behold. How does this work? Every day you wake up to embark on your life journey you know your destination. You are reminded of where you are going, so when you feel the need to take unnecessary rests you remember where you are going and push further.


A vision board comes in handy in so many ways. You print out pictures of everything you want in this life and put it on a board that you hang conspicuously in your room. The images you put there should dominate your mind. Your thoughts become your reality.

Pat Yourself on the Back

Every morning and evening you look at the vision board and remind yourself what you are working towards. There will be days when you will feel less, trust me these days come hard. You will speak negativity towards your life and you will believe it. At that point look at that vision board and tell yourself, I put that there because I had faith that I can do that. If at one point I was crazy enough to think I can do that then I can certainly do it even now.

IMG_20171221_115220As I said a vision board is crazy so you don’t limit yourself. You do not put up things you can easily achieve. You are a creation of an amazing father whom you cannot limit on what He can actually give you. He gives us wisdom, He gives us the ability to create wealth. He is joy, peace and love so believe you can have whatever you want. Nothing is too big, put it out there, attract it all, claim it loved ones and be the most hardworking person you know exists. Everything you pray for, everything you work for you deserve it.

And as Oprah says, “when you have done everything you can do, surrender all!”

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Being Rosemary January 4, 2018 - 11:05 am

I can’t wait to buy mine this is soo cool
great post hun

pawa2016 January 8, 2018 - 12:31 pm

thanks boo…please send me a pic when you do.


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