The Next Level

by Pauline

Fans of the series suits watched the first half of the season come to an end as Jessica Pearson bids the firm goodbye. The episode was poignantly written, as the viewers were made privy to what led to her decision.

She reflected back on why she started and realized that along the way power had consumed her, deflecting her from her purpose. I don’t know what the writers have in store for us in the next half but I know that part spoke to me.

I, like Jessica have had to leave what I know for something uncertain. I was scared and unsure. I didn’t have much support too because it wasn’t easy for others to comprehend what I was going for. I had my reasons, I was trying to find my purpose, and I am still on that journey.

I don’t know if I will find it where I am now but I know that I have to try. The common feeling people who decide to move to the next level experience is fear. This feeling goes on until you succumb to it and actually make a move. I want to believe it is the same feeling the three women I will talk about felt before making their move.

Julie Gichuru’s move

I was caught by surprise when I started missing the non-aging beauty on Sunday live. I actually concluded that she must be on leave until I logged on to social media and it was clear she had left. I envied her, how does she get to be so strong and so strong? I thought of the emotions she went through when making that decision.

When she decided not to get a similar position from competitors. Julie had all the big political interviews and a really huge following so her departure caught us all by surprise. She told Larry when he inquired “I am tired of doing politics, I want to do something inspiring now”. I hope she got all the support but even if she didn’t she still made the move. “It gets to a point where it’s not about success it’s about significance.

Larry to be honest I’m tired of the politics, I have done it for 15 years, I’m fed up, Kenya needs inspiration, it needs to look at role models like our athletes rather than keep looking at people who frustrate us with negative politics.”

She explained. Her next level includes entrepreneurship, director at Mcheza betting company and also focusing on her dialogues show that are more inspiring and educating.

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Faith Muturi

The ever smiling beautiful lady warmed our living rooms Sunday after church. She was full of energy and always knew the questions to ask her guests. Faith’s announcement that she was leaving TV also caught us by surprise because she had built a name. I however felt the same way I did about Julie.

She was leaving because time was up.” I simply realized it was time to leave. I was not joining another media house nor was I at loggerheads with my employer.” She told parents’ magazine.

Leaving was both an easy and difficult decision. It’s easy to get accustomed to the limelight. It is important to transition at the right time because if you don’t, life will find a way to push you into your next phase.

she emphasized.  Faith is now onto the next level where she will continue to mentor students through her Simama Trust. She will also be dedicating time to her passion as a transformation organization trainer and that to me is what I call a boss move by a boss lady.

Kalekye Mumo

The ever sassy lady whose voice we were more accustomed to than her face painted the town white on her 40th birthday. Days later she had something else for us as she announced that she would be leaving Radio after 10 years at the station.

There were speculations about why she left but mine remains that she made a boss move. She got the inspiration from planning her birthday party and my guess is that, it motivated her to go to the next level. Mumo is now working on her PR Company and her music. She has also been busy influencing people to live healthily by watching what they eat and also exercise.

The next level, however, is neither comfortable nor easy. People warn you about it, some try to discourage you. The sad thing about it is that it may not work out as planned in the first few months and you will get the “I told you so” statement. You may even go broke if your next level was venturing into business or an uncertain career. The worse may come and you may go into debt. This is when you start doubting yourself and wonder if you were too ambitious or you made the wrong move.

Where I am: Taking stock.

They say that your dream should scare you and to echo Sarah Jakes Roberts words, “if you are not afraid of it, it is not yours.” You should be ready to face objections and even fail, how you rise up each time will determine the final outcome.
image source: Business 2 community

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Being Rosemary October 26, 2016 - 9:42 am

you write like the wind hunnay!
totally loved this piece and I understand how change feels like someone throwing you off a cliff but you know what regardless of how tough and uncertain the decision is…my advice …JUST JUMP!
you grow your wings on the way down…
kudos ma cherie
super proud of you!!

pawa2016 October 26, 2016 - 2:29 pm

Thanks love…and thank you for being there as I go through this change, no stopping for us.

Yule Msee Kevo October 27, 2016 - 9:56 pm

WOW!!! Am lost for words and i couldn’t have put it any better myself. This blog caught my eye because i really thought that i was riding the tide of change alone, but having seen such big names having to face the “i told you so” gives me the strength to carry on just as FUN sang it.

pawa2016 October 28, 2016 - 7:17 am

Thanks kevo, yes you are not alone, we are all out here finding our way. stay blessed.

kagwa September 12, 2017 - 10:56 am

its just a masterpiece,i start the change NOW!!!!

pawa2016 September 13, 2017 - 1:59 pm

True,you have to start now. Thanks Kagwa.


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