The last time.

by Pauline

6bfb8005b1e0a3408a10e02d0e202a37I was always “the last time kind of girl”

The one who held your hand tighter,

Kissed you longer, always saying

Just in case this is the last time,

We took long walks in the same name of

This could be our last time,

I read you books aloud so you could remember me with them,

Hoping you could relate me with some character when am gone,

I wrote you poems that I hid in your books,

Hoping after the last time you will still read them,

Wrote Letters describing our moments together,

Every single detail of our intimate moments,

Hoping that after the last time, you will come back,

It was almost like I knew the end was nigh,

Not the body death kind of end

The separation kind of end,

I guess deep inside I knew you were not mine,

Maybe it was the days you would go ghost on me,

Perhaps the way you hesitated before holding my hand,

Or maybe that you couldn’t look into my eyes,

You claimed they shone so bright,

I guess your mystery scared me,

Enough to prepare for a goodbye,

Deep inside I knew you would wake up and leave,

I knew you would say the words,

“It’s time, I have to leave.”

I just wish my heart knew better.

photo credits: Pinterest

Broken Self

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