The coffee Shop.

by Pauline

I came back to the coffee shop corner,
Hoping to find you,
Hoping to hear your loud laughter,
Maybe even feel the touch of your hand,
I came hoping to drown in your carefully selected colognes,
I came hoping to feel your presence,
It’s empty, like we were never here,
The coffee shop moved on,
From you, maybe even from us,
I stay hoping it will teach me how to,
How to forget the occasional winks we gave each other,
How to forget the taste of coffee with you,
How it let go of two people who had the world to themselves.
I want to know the secret of the coffee shop corner,
How it embraced us, shared our love and then let go,
Everything tastes the same,
Even the food has no remnants of us,
Sitting at this coffee shop corner I see so much,
Couples come in, hand in hand,
Their talk is as loud as their laugh,
Their love warms the room,
I understand the coffee shop has seen many lovers,
They are always new ones coming and old ones leaving,
That’s where the art of letting go is,
Knowing that soon new love will warm the coffee shop,
Maybe new love will warm my heart again too.

Photo credits: Pinterest

Broken Lover

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