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Stay Positive

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When nothing seems to work, staying positive can be the hardest thing to do. You go to bed and try to say a prayer and you can’t, you wake up in the morning and everything in you is shouting “there is nowhere to go, there is no way out, just give up.” I have heard that voice one too many times. I am a very positive person, at least I believe so, but still not immune to low moments. I try to remind myself that even soldiers don’t mourn forever after losing a battle, for they must prepare for the next one. I also know I need to change my outlook on life. I have come up with some hacks that are really helpful when nothing is going your way, but you certainly need a better day and a positive life. Always take what works for you.

Have time to invest in yourself

I believe that solitude is a blessing, a moment to shut down all the noise and listen to yourself. Create time for yourself in a day even if you have an 8-5 job or you are not working but always up and down. If it means waking up earlier so you can have an hour to yourself or being left in the office after 5 just make sure you invest in yourself each day. Audit yourself; is this the life you want to live? How can you make it better?

Conquer your morning

I am a morning person but I realized am only active for two hours, after which am just plain lazy.I asked people around how they stay motivated in the morning and the responses I got were impressive. I tried some and they worked. One is to wake up and listen to something motivating. I discovered podcasts and my entire life changed. There are quite a number of motivating podcasts that you can download and listen to in the morning. You can also read a nice book. It is also imperative to start your day with God, read a verse and talk to your creator. I also realized that starting the morning with a healthy meal energizes you more than starting the morning with some junk food.

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Keep a Journal

Now most people may not be comfortable doing this but it’s really important to journal the tasks for the day. Write them in order of importance. The joy of completing something that will be beneficial to you cannot be underestimated. It puts you on another level. Journaling your tasks for the day also helps you realize how much of your time is used on some activities and what you need to do to change your way of doing things.

Have a grateful heart

It is so easy to focus on the things we do not have and use so much energy having pity parties, remember the count your blessings hymn? Count your blessings. Journal all the things you are grateful for. Write affirmations and have faith that the God who blessed you with all that will continue to be your provider.

Talk to someone

Talk to someone except negative Nancy, you know the one who constantly complains about everything and likes to talk of how there is no bright future. Sit down with people who believe that there is no limit to what you can do, people who are pragmatic yes but understand the power of faith and speaking things into existence. When you have a rough day, you call them or pay them a visit.

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Being Rosemary May 27, 2016 - 7:37 pm

Great post Hunnay:-) podcasts are really motivating and spending tike with your creator theres no better way to start your day!

pawa2016 May 30, 2016 - 9:32 am

yes hun so much inspiration from people you don’t know.

The Beginning May 27, 2016 - 10:58 pm

Nothing beats a big, grateful heart.

pawa2016 May 30, 2016 - 9:31 am

Yes great things actually start coming your way


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