Netflix and Chill: What to Binge on Netflix this Weekend

by Pauline

Hello Weekend!

I remember for the longest time I was the “movie recommendation girl.” From my siblings, cousins to my friends, I was the one you called when you needed to watch something. I guess I had a lot of time in university and spent it catching up on shows.

Adulting happened and now it takes me weeks to finish a series. I have what I call adult guilt; the feeling of I could use this time to do better things because I’m now an adult.

I try to avoid watching movies on weekdays and save them for Friday and Saturday evenings. Netflix has become my go to for movies and series. It has made life so easy.

Let me put you on, on what’s hot on Netflix.


We all love romantic comedies and Netflix got you on that.

There is the latest Christina Milan’s movie “Falling in love”. It’s a typical boy meets girl and happy ever after kind of story but in a captivating manner. Give it a chance.

Always be Maybe This is a movie of friendship turning into love. If you are in the friend zone this is for you; maybe.

Someone great; this is more of a break-up kind of movie and I recommend it for anyone going through a break up. Dewanda Wise’s character is unbothered. She is also funny especially when she gets together with Gina Rodriguez . (Most of you may know her from Jane the virgin)

It’s sad and funny at the same time. I love it.


If you’re looking for a weekend full of drama check out;

On my block; Two seasons and worth binge watching in let’s say two sittings. You still need to sleep, recommending it for one sitting sounds irresponsible.

A group of teenagers go through life together in a block where there is gang related activities. There is the usual girl crush, falling in love and family drama.

It’s funny, dangerous, and romantic. You may even relate to their stories.

You;  I’m waiting for season 2 so bad. This is not your usual stalker kind of show. It’s well thought of and will have you sympathizing with the antagonist.

Penn Badgely (Gossip girl) once again pulls his stalker game and he’s grown now.

What If: I would say this show is about testing how strong relationships are but it’s more than that. The mysteries in this show may have you watching it in one sitting. I say go for it.

It’s exciting, emotional and captivating.


Netflix has great reality shows to binge watch. There is no ratchetness just pure glam.

Styling Hollywood: It’s exactly what the title suggests. It’s a show on the business and the glam side of styling celebrities. There is also interior decoration for celebrity clients.

It’s entertaining, funny and has office drama that will have you checking yourself.

Selling Sunsets:  A real estate firm selling high end homes in LA takes us through their daily life. The beautiful sales ladies teach you a thing about sales and show you the glam life of real estate agents.

If you are in a sales job and every business is about sales so we all need to watch this show.

The office drama also makes it more real and entertaining.


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