My Journaling Experience: How My Affirmations/Gratitude Journal Helps Me Overcome Anxiety

by Pauline
M onday evening-it’s always a Monday, when I get the anxiety. I start to over-think about how my life is going all wrong. There are voices in my head reminding me all that I am not. The voices are way louder this evening, letting me know that I am still not there-where I desire to be. I don’t argue with it. I believe it.

This moment happens often, sometimes weekly, monthly if I am lucky. I haven’t embraced it. I have never given it a seat in my house. It just appears and seems to occupy space-lots of it. I don’t claim it; the anxiety isn’t mine. It’s a stranger.

There are days I get myself through it, other days I need someone to lean on. This was one of those nights where someone I lean on reminds me I am blessed. I am walked through to take out my journal and write 5 things I am grateful for.

It’s not easy, but the person makes it first on my list. Simple things like food, a hot shower, a house and family. It’s the easiest thing to do yet the most therapeutic.

On days when everything seems to go wrong, I try to remember the mountains He moved for me. The prayers He has answered.  I write it all down.

It’s easy to put yourself down when you focus on everything that went wrong. When all you can think about is the things you didn’t achieve. You can’t find strength in that, you find strength in being grateful.

Write 5 things you are grateful for, weekly, daily or even monthly. It will fuel you to keep going because you will realize the hard time is the process, greater things lie ahead.

My gratitude journal is a great blessing. It helps me to be more intentional, write down what I am grateful for. On days, I don’t feel like myself, I write down my affirmations to remind me who I am and whose I am. It’s a tradition I intend to keep.

Loving Yourself

I made this journal so that before I put myself down, before I do the comparison game, I take a moment to reflect.



It’s the life I live.

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