Making Tough Decisions.

by Pauline

“When it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump.” Necole Kane.
I resonate with this because every time I have a plan on how to get to the next level, I start gathering ideas on all the things that could go wrong with it. After reading the quote, I got the need to refrain from entertaining negative ideas, and actually make the jump.

There are, however, habits that we continually entertain not realizing they are the cause of our stagnancy. I am realizing the power that I have in my hands, I can literally do anything to change my life. I cannot blame anyone for where I am in my life but me, so am willing to change that. There are decisions that if we made, you will agree with me, we would easily move to the next level in life

Avoid procrastination

It is said to be the thief of time, and that my friend is very true. This hits home for me because I am a first class procrastinator. After a conversation with a member of my support system I realized that it was a hindrance to getting to the next level. My main excuse was that I am productive in the morning so if someone asks me to do something in the afternoon, it goes to “my to do list“ for the next morning. I had to ask myself questions like, “What are you doing now that you can’t complete that? What will you have tomorrow that you do not have today?
Human beings have this innate desire to procrastinate everything, but you cannot go far with that.  Do what you have to do, sleep late if you have to, wake up earlier if your days seem shorter than 24 hours! I am doing this and I have no doubt the fruits will be sweet.

Quit being a people pleaser.

You cannot be friends with everyone and most time your outlook on life will be different from that of other people. This leads to conflicts with family and friends. If your friends are taking all of your time because you need to keep hanging out or they need certain skills that you possess, speak out. There are battles that are best fought alone.
Friends, lovers and family are a great support system but sometimes you really need that alone time. Have discussions with people that you feel are important to you but are, somehow, making you lag  behind. Tactfully, let them know that you need sometime alone to focus and figure out what it is that you want to do with your life. Some will say you are full of yourself, egoistic even. But care not, because your truest friends will always stick by your side, and they will understand the need for your time alone.

let’s talk quarter life crisis

Quit talking and ACT

What was your plan for the year? Did you put it down? Well, surprise, it is actually mid-year so maybe it’s time we put the pen down and start acting. I have deadlines on myself because that makes me accountable to achieving something by a specific time. If you delay implementing your ideas, someone else will come up with something similar and your next excuse will be …there is no market gap anymore.
For most millennial, our excuse is that we do not have the capital to implement the business ideas that we have. Learn to start small, be authentic in what you do and give it your all. Your work will eventually speak for you and investors will start knocking your door so they can invest in you. I am a work in progress so let’s do this together, put the pen down and ACT!

Be consistent.

Consistency is something that young people need to adhere to. Today it’s a bottled water business idea, the next is hair and so forth. Evaluate what you want to do, why you want to do it and work on that idea. Consistency will be required in you researching on the direction you have decided to take. I am learning to make time for things that matter and actually be consistent. Success takes time and hence requires you to be consistent in what you are doing.
I hope that we can do this together, make hard decisions and refuse to settle or take the easy way out. I pray we get rid of all the small excuses that hinder us from getting to the next level. The power is in your hands, say no to your distractions, from social media to gossiping and instead, put that that time into something rewarding.
image source:the freelancer report

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