Lessons From Sarah Jakes Roberts

by Pauline

I am just an ordinary girl trying to find myself in the one who created me, spiritual awakening. In the struggle of identifying who I am I had to find ways to be close to the Lord and one of the things I did was read the Bible more intentionally and also in a deeper manner.

I also had to look for people I could look up to and it is then that I came across Sarah jakes Roberts, the daughter of renowned Bishop T.D Jakes. I also met other men and women who were like David, after God’s own heart. This lady however caught my eye because of how young she was and also the things she had gone through while trying to identify herself. The truth is we are all lost and trying to find ourselves or our purpose. This lady overcame so much that her story is intriguing,worth learning from.

No one is perfect: But God’s Grace is sufficient for us all

God’s love for us is incomparable, I mean with all our flaws He still calls us His children. Sarah, Daughter of a bishop got pregnant at the age of 13 and had her baby at 14. She was scared, I mean who wouldn’t? Especially because she was a PK. She may have been more scared of what people in her church would say, the shame she had brought on her father. People will make you believe that you are supposed to lead life in a certain way, so for her it was no surprise that people wanted her to be perfect, no, expected her to be perfect. Despite all that she received love and support from her family and was able to overcome that storm at least that moment. She was lucky because her family knew much about grace, but really that’s how our heavenly father is. When we run to Him, when we are thirsty, He will quench our thirst.

Its okay to take time to heal, transformation is a process doesn’t happen overnight.

We are all lost in our own way. Heartbreak some say is more painful than a physical injury, how true is that though? But what happens when we try to take the short cut to healing? We end up with people who can hurt us more or in much more complicated situations.
Sarah was married at the age of 19 with the sole purpose of wanting to be redeemed at least in the eyes of the church and also the community. We are so concerned with what people think, and yet give no time to think what God wants for us. She was broken and did not take time to heal but instead fell into the pressure of wanting to be in a family. “I divorced myself long before I got married. I let my insecurity rule me. I wanted someone to be weak for me. I wanted to be the one thing a person couldn’t resist. Isn’t that what love is? I thought the validation of a man would turn my rags of shame into a ball gown. I fell in love with the idea that I couldn’t be loved. It reaffirmed what I dared to whisper in my heart at night.” Sarah wrote on her blog.
We need to understand that making decisions so we can be accepted by the society ends up hurting us more. No one but God is indispensable, take your time to heal and understand yourself and then make the next move. After making a mistake instead of trying to cover it it, run to your father , who is a king for healing.

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Choose love: God is love

“I just wonder if our greatest disservice to God is doubting the strength of His grace and mercy”. Sarah. She once said that when she got married she was running away from people who loved her, the church, God. She therefore did not have the right well to quench her when she felt lost. Sarah said that if she had chosen love; God, she would not have found herself in certain circumstances. Sarah gives of an incidence where one of her ex-husband women came to her home and she asked her what she was doing with her husband she said “ we kicking it,” in a nonchalant manner. Sarah was livid and became violent towards them. This was something that she would never have thought of doing. How many times have we found ourselves in trouble because our ego told us to react to something done to us? Choose Love, choose God.

You are stronger than you think

“I’m a divorcee. That’s my truth. The word makes me shutter. It makes me feel like a quitter, I became a single mom by choice. I took a chance on myself and filed for divorce.”  Sarah jakes. What really is the last straw? Is it when another woman comes home pregnant with your husband’s baby like in Sarah jakes’ case? Or is it when she/he becomes too violent. Walking away is not easy, but dear brothers and sisters, you have no idea what staying would do to your sanity, your dignity and your health. Shut out the noise and trust God, I have never stayed in a toxic relationship but that has to do with my insecurities, I run as fast as I can the moment I realize something is amiss, but I have stayed in toxic friendships and that too is a burden I wish not to carry . We stay with people because we need to prove others wrong, because we want society to validate us by showing them that we followed the expected routine of school, job, marriage. People will even pull the “better the devil you know” line, but really why are you sticking with the devil? You can do better than that and you are definitely strong enough.

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God redeems us: Christ actually died for that.

Romans 3:23, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Sarah has talked of how she had to forgive herself for everything even before forgiving others.
I had to understand too that God has forgiven me and my past does not hold me captive anymore. I had a hard time forgiving myself but Sarah jakes taught me that God’s grace is sufficient and that I should stop letting shame give me a sentence when He has freed me already. If you actually look at it well you will understand that forgiveness is the impetus to moving forward. You made wrong decisions but now ask God for forgiveness, forgive others but most importantly forgive yourself. In the words of Joel Osteen, “shake off that self-pity, receive mercy for your mistakes.”

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies those He calls.

During one of her talks, she confesses that when she was young she felt inadequate because she was the girl who did not know what her talent was. Well now Sarah jakes Roberts is a speaker and an author. She may have gone through so much but all that was to become her testimony.

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