Is Money what drives you?

by Pauline

When the sun rises, it’s passion that wakes you up early. And when it sets, your purpose gets you to bed.sun
Money is a great motivator. In fact, some of us went to school to learn about the economics of money so it is a big component of what makes life in the modern world.

This is the reason when you go for an interview you expect to at least have a rough idea on how much the company is willing to pay you. Does it offer allowances, insurance covers or any other benefits?

However, if it is money that drives you every single day, then you have yet to have longer days my friend. There is the cliche statement “money can’t buy happiness but it sure can make me comfortable”, well maybe that’s right.

I know people who turned down opportunities because they felt the money was low. I may even have been a victim once but am wiser now. I am not saying sell yourself short.  No. I am all about know your worth and stand by it but have new impetus other than money.

Starting from the bottom is a familiar phrase that some people don’t fully understand what it means. You have invested in yourself in matters education, but how much experience do you have? I realized that you can never be too old for an internship, remember the movie “the intern?” Okay, wrong example. What I am saying is that if I get an internship position or any other low position in a company that is all about something I am passionate about, I will take it because I will gain some rich experience. It also is an opportunity for me to showcase how excellent and passionate I am about something and it’s hard to ignore that so you never know.

Entrepreneurship is the way to go now that unemployment is on the rise but also if you are doing it for money, you may hop around many ideas when you could have settled for one. Money cannot be your driving force when it comes to entrepreneurship. How do I know this? I want to get into it also and so I have been doing my research.

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The words of entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa “when you want to go somewhere for the first time, you have to research everything there is about it,” Could not be further from the truth. I am still on the research but I have learnt that money cannot be what drives me. I have learnt that there will be times that monthly cheque won’t come in and I have to survive. If money is what drives me then I will give up and go get something that will guarantee me a pay cheque at the end of the month. In other words I will settle.

I need to be passionate about something so that I can give it my best shot, so that it can turn to be my purpose in this world. I am a true believer that once I realize what I want, I commit it to God and put in all the hard work, I will get it. You get what you put out there; stop putting greed to the world. You may not like its fruits. Could be something nasty.

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Being Rosemary April 28, 2016 - 6:54 pm

no matter how tough it gets with passion you can always go alittle further even though giving up is all you want!

pawa2016 April 29, 2016 - 1:12 pm

very true love…your passion will keep you pushing on and definitely take you places.


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