Is It Time to Revamp Your Closet? Follow These 6 Hacks to Elevate Your Closet on a Budget

by Pauline
I f you were to eavesdrop on my conversation with my best friend, you would definitely hear a lot of girl talk. You will also hear us sharing hacks on how to survive this “adulting” thing.

It’s no wonder when I felt my closet was uninspiring, I knew the one person to run to-well, that and the fact that she is a fashion blogger (Hey beingrosemary) was her. I needed hacks on how to revamp my closet on a budget.

They say you dress up for the job you want not the one you have. A nice outfit always help to lift up your mood on a slow gloomy day. A little glam goes a long way! Looking good is not only for your physical appearance but also good for your soul-If I do say so myself.

The only problem is when you can’t splurge -because bills and economy –so you need to slay on a budget.

So how do you spice up your closet for a feel good outfit without breaking the bank?

My favorite fashion girl had a few hacks to share and I have also learnt a few lessons along the way.

Write Down New Outfits Your Closet Needs.

Working on a budget means we can only shop what we actually need. So writing down is us adulting and working on a set budget.

You don’t have to work on your closet in one month. Write down everything you need and then break down on how you plan to achieve that.

Have monthly goals to buy certain items, to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Buy Staple Outfits


Every girl needs her staple outfits to rely on any day.

One of these staple outfits is a nice blazer. You can take your outfit from 0-10 by adding on a nice blazer. Invest in different colors for different events.

Good t-shirts are also great staple outfits that every girl needs in her closet. We have seen fashion bloggers work magic with a simple t-shirt. They wear it with jeans, a skirt and underneath an open shift dress. I have seen fashion bloggers pull a t-shirt as a dress.

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A t-shirt is such a versatile outfit. Grab yourself as many as you can and in different colors.

Check out pinterest for inspiration to style these everyday outfits.

Go Thrift Shopping

Don’t sleep on thrift finds. With your list in hand step out to your nearest thrift market for some great finds.

I have also found it useful to check out what I want to buy on pinterest to have an idea on how to style it. It also gives you an idea on what else to buy for styling your new finds.

Thrift shopping is fun with a friend in hand to act as your mirror. It would also be a great bonus if they are aggressive in bargaining. Also wear comfortable shoes and outfits that allow you to fit your new finds.

Buy Outfits You Actually Plan To Wear


We are all guilty of getting carried away when shopping, I know I am.

How many outfits did you buy only to get home and decide never to wear them? A lot, I bet.

When buying an outfit plan where you plan to wear that outfit. Also, have an idea on how to style it. Don’t buy something because it looks good. Remember we are on a budget sis!

Splurge on Specific Outfits

I know thrifting helps to save coins but let’s be honest we have to keep doing it because some outfits don’t last long.

Choose the items you want to splurge on. Shoes are a great idea. A nice pair of heels will pump up your confidence. Make sure you can walk in them, if not, get a pair of kitten heels or better off stylish wedges.

A few statement dresses are worth splurging on. They will come in handy to win over that interviewer or better yet bring your date to their knees on date night.

Nice fitting blazers also need a little splurging.


Don’t worry, these items should last longer. They can be worn with your thrifted outfits giving you an opulence look.



Make a statement with a nice necklace, earrings and even a nice purse.

You can never go wrong with jewelry-don’t overdo it though.

A hat is also a great accessory, makes you look fancy and classy. A nice pair of sunglasses also helps you make a statement.

These small hacks will take your closet from a dull look to a sophisticated one.

But, don’t stress on having the perfect closet, it will come to life. Also, don’t forget to smile; it’s the one thing your closet doesn’t come with.

Remember you can have the best outfits in the word but if you don’t love your body, your closet will always be dull.

Happy shopping!


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