I am Trying These Productivity Hacks to Beat Procrastination While Working from Home

by Pauline
I am a budding entrepreneur battling with procrastination. If I am being honest, I have had this battle going on from my office days.

Being a “to do list” believer has me writing down a million things to attend to in a day. I do this in full knowledge that I am productive in the morning and in the afternoon I am tending to my distractions.

I have tried everything to be productive in the afternoon, well almost everything. I have changed my mindset, changed my work location all in vain.

This means the million things never get done and by the end of the week I have a pile of things not done.

When Covid-19 happened, I realized that working from home is my reality for a long time. I love working from home actually, so I figured I should start to find ways to do more work.

I came up with a morning routine that i followed most days and failed on others. Still that has not being enough.

So, I came across new productivity hacks that i am currently implementing.

For anyone who has been going through the same struggle here are the hacks. We can try them as a challenge.

Stick to a Morning Routine

I will not even try to front on this one; I am not doing well sticking to a morning routine.

I have been struggling and I decided an accountability partner would help with discipline. Luckily I got one, who is persistent and loves their job-of being an accountability partner.

My go to morning routine includes a workout, devotion and reading. On good days I throw in some meditation.

This routine helps me get into work feeling active and ready. It works for me. So figure out a routine that works for you.

My waking up time is at 6-6.30 A.M at the moment, which is working fine for now.

Try the 4 hour work schedule

In my previous post, I mentioned that I am in a membership club. The founder is all about hacking the productivity game and it’s a discussion in the group.

Pursuing Happiness

She shared this 4 hour work method with us and also on her YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

The schedule connotes that, you work for 4 hours straight without any distractions. No social media, no texting and no calls in these 4 hours. No multitasking at all.

Being a morning person-work-wise- I prefer setting aside my 4 hours from 8 A.M to noon.

But, being that my job is social media, I take a break to put up work for my client (s) and then resume to the schedule.

It works well to tick off a lot on your to do list and it doesn’t mean you can’t work further in the afternoon. I always schedule less energy consuming tasks then.

Write down your Top 3 Things to do in a day

This is another hack by the same person. You will also find it on her YouTube channel Erin on Demand.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by a lot of things on your to do list, Erin advises to start with your top three things.

These three things have to be the most important/urgent and bigger tasks of the day.

You can have an ‘others list’ but only after you complete your top three.

This eliminates the anxiety of seeing a whole list of things to do and ending up doing none.

Have a healthy Night Routine

Being that I am not a night person, I still understand a good morning routine is as a result of a good night routine.

My sleeping schedule is about to change. I don’t want any more late nights as a result of Netflix and chill or binge watching YouTube videos.

Having dinner by 8 P.M has helped me a lot because I would rather sleep early than stay late and eat more. (We are trying to lose some quarantine weight)

I also plan to set my intentions of the next day the night before. This way I don’t spend much time in the morning figuring out where to start.

Getting out of a Rut.

Starting small is always the key. You start by adjusting your schedule slowly until it fits to what you want it to be.

A productive day means consistency with your work and that brings you closer to your goals. So if you are up to it let’s start this as an August challenge and review in September.




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