Here is A Few Things To Expect if You are Planning To Go Natural

by Pauline

The first person to call my natural hair a trend was a colleague. An older be-spectacled lady whom I respected, pulled me aside and asked me if I could straighten my hair for work. She said that it was all over the place.

“I know it’s the new trend but…” before she could finish, polite Pauline was out of the window. I will let you know I count to 10 because shady Pauline would cost me my integrity. “With all due respect, my hair is not a trend.” I tried, but we all know there is nothing respectful about “due respect.” It’s often said loudly if not angrily.

I took ten minutes to let her know that she can’t call what I was born with a trend. We ended by agreeing to disagree.

I have told you the first thing to expect. If you are working in corporate, your boss might have some questions. Your colleagues will all also feel entitled to ask “When are you braiding your hair sue?”

Sue: You own a salon now?

Don’t say that, be polite or say it.

On Products

There are so many local and international hair products for natural hair in the market. You will see a lot of reviews. Do not dismiss reviews. They are important. Natural hair products are expensive so to use your money well, read reviews before purchasing.

However, with most products, the only way to know if it works on your hair is by actually purchasing it. Start by purchasing the smaller packages as a test.

There will be products highly advertised with a lot of “it’s great” comments that will not be great on your hair. That’s alright. This brings us to the next thing.

On hair type

You will hear a lot of 4B, 4C being thrown around the naturalist streets. Don’t panic, it’s really not that important.

Hair Products my Natural Hair has Been Loving

I focused so much on that as a beginner, yet it wasn’t important on how I should layer products or which products to buy.

I had to identify how easy or hard my hair would absorb moisture, my hair density and so much more. The truth is I am still learning and enjoying it.

I learnt what terms like LOC and LCO meant. It’s how you layer your products depending on hair type.

LOC-(liquid) leave in, Oil and cream (curling butter). This is followed when your hair has a high porosity. This means your hair absorbs moisture easily but doesn’t retain it. So you seal in that moisture.

LCO-liquid (leave in), curling butter and oil. When your hair has low porosity. Doesn’t absorb easily but retains moisture.


Your hair will not always be popping with curls

I was doing my hair the other night while watching ‘The bold type’ and thought “maybe if I twist my hair more it will look like Kat’s”

Nope it won’t. Don’t have the pressure to make your hair look like someone else. It will only frustrate you.

Curls are really cool but don’t focus more on that and forget on giving your hair the tender loving care (TLC) it needs.

Enjoy discovering what works and what doesn’t. Be open to new products. Do not compare your journey with anyone else.

Pinterest is bae

I am sure you all have heard of Pinterest. Natural hair or not you need to be on Pinterest.

It’s great to get ideas on how to style your hair. Work office natural hair styles? Pinterest. You have a wedding and need some inspiration? Honey Pinterest.

I have discovered so many styles that on my lazy days I already know what’s popping tomorrow.

Lots of discouragement

Oh yes, get ready. You will hear the

“it’s really a lot of work, don’t you think?”

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“I don’t see your hair growing.”

“Is this a movement of some sort?”

Ignore, Ignore and then Ignore.

There is nothing like giving your mane the attention it deserves. Discovering a great product that works magic on your hair. The versatility of styling your hair. The Michele Obama arms you will get from all the twisting.

Nothing beats that my sister. Go for it!


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