Hair Products my Natural Hair has Been Loving

by Pauline
I once had lice in my hair. Yes, those damn insects once fed on me. I was a child and had gotten them from playing at a place grandma had warned me and my cousins from going. The consequence was going bald. I didn’t love my hair that much so it was alright.

Flash forward to now and I completely love my hair. I don’t think I am going bald any time soon because kids made fun of my bald head and I am still scarred. I make it my mission to take care of my mane especially now that the natural hair market is so wide.

I discover great products now and then and great combinations. There are those that work great while others are a real disappointment. As I said in my last post, you have to try new products to know what’s best.

I look for products that help my hair increase in volume, help with my hairline and makes my hair shine by adding moisture to it. I am sharing a few products that I have been loving lately.

Coconut oil for pre-shampooing

Ladies, you know the answer to every beauty struggle is coconut oil, right? Yes! Even eyebrow struggles, I am not kidding.

Coconut oil is healing and it does a great job ensuring my hair retains or gains moisture. I use it to prepare my hair for a wash day.

I put hot water in a bowl and put the coconut oil in a bottle to heat up. Then I will apply it on my hair after sectioning it into parts. Pre-shampoo helps to maintain the hair’s natural moisture. It has also helped when I felt my hair was dry and there was breakage.

Pre-shampoo can be done a few hours before washing, for me I prefer to sleep with it and wash hair in the morning.

Coconut oil is around ksh. 300 ($3) and can be found in most places including dubois road.

Here is A Few Things To Expect if You are Planning To Go Natural

New &improved Motions Shampoo

My hair loves the feel of this shampoo. It lathers so easily meaning you don’t need to use a lot. It makes my hair soft and smells so heavenly.

Motions shampoo is sulphate free meaning no moisture is stripped. It has shea butter, argan oil and coconut oil. What else does a naturalist need in their shampoo?

It costs slightly below $10 and can be found again at dubois and I guess super cosmetics.

The mega growth break free daily leave in strengthener

I was a bit skeptical purchasing this conditioner. I wasn’t sure if it was meant for all hair types or just relaxed. A little research and I discovered it was meant for all.

I purchased the small package and when I say it’s great, I mean it. The smell is great and it makes my hair soft and easy to style daily.

I don’t like a lot of products on my hair so I use it after a day.

Marini-curl me pretty curling butter

I was excited to purchase this cream as the reviews were great and I wanted to find out how it would work on my mane. The first time I was super disappointed. There was a lot of white residue. I didn’t want to dismiss it that first so I researched on ways to avoid that-the residue.

First, it’s thick- great thing- you don’t need to use a lot. I think first time I used a lot of it. Then I did the LCO-(liquid, cream, oil) method, figured my hair retains moisture quite well.

I love this curling butter. It’s true, it defines curls and also makes the hair soft.

These are some of the products doing it for me at the moment. I love using them together as they work magic on my hair.



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