Growing Up.

by Pauline

The most beautiful thing that happened to me last  year was growing up. Well I did turn a year older but my growing up had everything to do with life experiences.

I am no longer oblivious on the brevity of life. I now live as a woman on a mission to find her life purpose, no longer enslaved by fear or people’s judgment. I can attribute my growth to a lot of things but God comes first. The people He placed in my life, the ones I have met and others may never meet have all influenced my growth.

I have grown up and realized that I don’t have to follow all traditions, especially when it comes to career. I have quit a job and risked being labelled ungrateful. I have joined an industry that is not a favorite of many, all in the pursuit of happiness. When you grow up you become cognizant of the amount of power you possess.

The “move on if you are not happy, you are not a tree” shifts from being a cliché to a slogan you live by.

Meagan Good once said “I would rather not work than to do something that I’m not passionate about.” Growing up is realizing that no one can change your life but you. It is choosing the life you want to live and actually living it. It is acknowledging that you have your weaknesses but focusing on working on them.

Making decisions that may change my life forever has been part of my growing up. I have learnt to let go of things and people. I have let go of my pain and choose to lose the victim mentality. I am starting to look for the good in people compared to always thinking people are out to get me.

I have learnt to look for the problem in me before I point out the problem in others. I am owning up to my mistakes and working to do better. That said growth has helped me distance myself from things that cause me misery and keep pulling me behind. I have let go of people that I used so much energy to stay connected to. I have learnt to pray and wish them the best from a distance. It is part of growing up, realizing that our paths are different.

money rules easily ignored

I have grown up and defined love in a whole lot new way. I know what I deserve and live by it.  I have defined what settling means to me and what compromise is. I know what I can allow and what I can’t. I am not governed by fear of being alone rather I am driven by the fact that Love is something created by God. It has no shortcuts, it’s either love or not – there is no middle.

I have learnt to love myself unconditionally, I now look at the mirror and call that woman beautiful but most importantly I call her enough. There is room for growth, there will always be room but right at this moment the growth is immense.

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Being Rosemary January 7, 2017 - 1:00 pm

And I can a test to that beautiful and enough are some of the things we need to constantly remind ourselves!
Lovely piece hun!

pawa2016 January 9, 2017 - 11:22 am

yes love we do especially with all the noise out here on the definition of beautiful.


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