Getting out of a Rut.

by Pauline

We are human beings and we tend to burn out easily especially when we do not pay much attention to ourselves. We are in the third month of the year which is scary especially if your goals seem untouched. You might be feeling overwhelmed already, I know I am, but I am trying to be more present in the moment rather than being all over the place. Here are a few things to help you get out of that rut, be it career or personal.

Change your routine:

You could be feeling stuck because whatever you are doing is not working. Change up your morning, day and night routine. Include new habits that will keep you motivated and healthy. Read more than you binge watch, sleep early and wake up early to do something constructive.
I have learnt to start my mornings with devotion and end it well with positive thoughts. This will help you visualize how your next day will be like. A good day.

Have a to do list

Have you ever woken up early, got to work immediately and by the end of the day feel extremely tired but also unfulfilled? That has happened to me one too many times. Get a small notebook where you write down your to do list for the day the previous night. This will guide you on what to start with and what to finish with. Trust me, at the end of the day ticking all that you have done will leave you feeling fulfilled.IMG-20170809-WA0020

Affirmations and acknowledgements.

Remind yourself that you have the skills to do what you are called to do. Write down the affirmations, reminding yourself whose you are, a child of a King. A king who can do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask. A limitless God.
Jack Canfield on super soul Sunday talks of writing down your victories every single night. He says one should acknowledge themselves for what they have achieved in a day. “If you were kind, loving, avoided a temptation, pat yourself on the back. After you have acknowledged yourself, look at what you could have being more, maybe more caring? Put it down and work on it the next day,” he advises.

My fears and what the bible says about me: Bible verses to remind you what God has in store for you.

Love on yourself

I cannot get tired emphasizing on self-love.  Change something up about yourself, have a new hairstyle, shave your hair even, go natural or get a wig. Go out of your comfort zone and do something nice for yourself. Go watch Black Panther, buy yourself a book and go read it in a coffee shop. If you want to feel good, go have a mani-pedi, put on make-up, do a photo shoot, just love on yourself.
Everything will fall into place, don’t rush anything. If you feel frustrated or tired, rest but do not give up on yourself.

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Shasha Rshan March 2, 2018 - 11:27 pm

I have a problem following and keeping do to lists. My distraction level is something else. It’s as if my brain thinks twice per second. lol but Great tips.

pawa2016 March 5, 2018 - 10:45 am

I used to have the same problem, try following for 21 days, should become a routine after. All the best dear.


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