Dear God I’m stuck.

by Pauline

Dear God I feel stuck in my job, I don’t see any growth and I really do not want to be in the same place I was last year.I get scared to voice my thoughts to people because they will judge me and say I’m ungrateful. Lord you know me, deep inside I’m struggling, looking for motivation every day, trying to love my environment and everything I do but still I feel stuck.

Help me Lord for I do not want to be desperate and allow Satan to have a field day in my mind telling me what I need to do or where I need to go. What would you have me do for in everything I want Your will to be done.
This has been my prayer for quite some time now. At first I put my trust in people and try ask them what they think I should do, in a way that I did not sound oblivious of the unemployment rate in this country. My new habit of turning to the word has however enabled me to be more assertive with my creator. I understood that my father created this world and everything in it is His so whatever I need I should ask Him.  Therefore through speakers and also God’s word I have realized that.

I need to blossom where I have been planted.

This is where I am placed at this moment. I can decide to be complacent, complain about everything or I can decide to start blossoming when I am here. I should play my part and try look for ways that enable me to grow. I can focus on gaining experience from every duty assigned to me regardless of the field it’s in. I can decide to be grateful and be open to learn something new from my boss and colleagues.

I should work as unto God and not as unto man.

I realized that I need to be productive at my workplace regardless of my feelings. I need to do what I have been trusted to do because I am not doing it for me or for the boss I’m working as the Lord requires me in His word. 1st Peter 2:18, “slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. Heather Lindsey talked about this submission of course inserting employees in place of slaves. God rewards our obedience so if you walk in him and you are being made to suffer for it your reward is from Him.

I Quit my Job to Start all Over Again in a New Career

I need not be complacent

As much as I am grateful for the opportunity I need to understand what I want in life. I need to understand the things I do not like about my job and ensure as I look for another opportunity those things do not exist there. I also need to find people, whether on twitter, LinkedIn or social places  that have jobs I would call ‘my dream job.’Once I find someone I can get to understand the steps they took to get where they are.
I also know that this does not mean using my work time to go meet these people or use my work resources for it. I need to respect where I am and my work time. It has more to do with being faithful with little so the Lord can trust me with more.

Stay in the furnace a little longer

Lesson by Joshua eze, there are times that God wants you to stay in the cocoon till you can fly. If you try tIMG-20151107-WA0006o come out before you are ready you will fall because your wings have not yet grown. If you get what you want now it will destroy you even stray you from God, so He is taking time to prepare you. God may have placed me here so that I can meet a contact that will lead me to my dream job. I may also be here so I can learn something that will be of great use in my future, so I’m grateful Lord.

I am still learning that  I am  young and in my 20s  I am a beginner so the time I use to stress i can enjoy life and learn from every opportunity I get. I know we may want to be billionaires in our 20s like mark Zuckerberg, but do you know  mark Cuban, the shark tank judge was a waiter in his 20s? well we all know what he is now.
I pray that I may find my purpose in this life and I pray that when am doing that I may be a faithful steward. I pray that in all that I may also remember that my worth does not come from a job but from God.

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