5 Book Recommendations For Your Half-Year Book Goals

by Pauline

good book is always a great investment. If you are an avid reader I am sure one of your goals is to read more this year. I hope that’s coming along well. Reading allows you to open up your mind, look life through other’s perspectives as well as become more empathetic.

I have a few book recommendations for you book lovers. These books have surpassed my expectations and I hope they meet yours too.

1. Americanah

If you love African authors then be ready to be fascinated by my favorite author Chimamanda Adichie.

In her book Americanah she tells a story of love, hope and going back home.

A young lady leaves Nigeria for greener pastures in America leaving behind her first love who also later goes to England then back home. Their love story will make you reminisce on your first love story. Ifemelu and Obinze, the main characters of the story are separated for 15 years. Each in the hustle of life as young adults which Chimamanda captures well.

Chimamanda talks of racism through Ifemelu’s blog posts and the struggles of Africans living in America. She also highlights the challenges that come with returning back home and lovers reconciling.

You will fall in love with her use of the queen’s language and definitely relate when she talks of Nigeria in the present.

‘We are third worlders and third worlders are forward-looking, we like things to be new, because our best is still ahead, while in the west their best is already past and so they have to make a fetish of the past.”

2. Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy

If you are interested in books set in 1930s, this is for you. A book that brings to light the struggles faced in Jugoslavia during the world war period. It’s a story of faith and love as the author Marie Chapian describes it. It’s also a true story.

The main character is an old man, Jakob whose love for God in the time of war is incomparable. He walks far and wide to preach the gospel to people who have lost hope. It’s in his missionary work that he meets a young lady Jozeca whom he falls in love with and get married despite many not approving. Theirs is a story of love and faith in God and in each other.

Friends to Keep in Your 20s

They do God’s work and He doesn’t fail them. If you have lost faith in God this is the book for you. It will open your mind to what only God can do. You will be left counting blessings as you read of a man who suffered in the world and yet not a day went by without praising the Lord. A man who prayed for his foes as much as he did for his friends.

“We must believe with all our hearts and souls that He is with us. He is a God of love! So shouted Jakob, the evangelist, as the German tanks roared across Yugoslavian soil, and machine guns, motorcycles and Messerschmitts screamed in the hills.


This is not a book for women only. It’s also for men. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, digs in on women empowerment and the role both men and women play.

She explores ways in which men would do better to encourage women to take up leadership roles and explains in the most subtle way how this is not a threat to men.

She also encourages women to lean in and not fear these positions. You will be impressed by how her late husband contributed in supporting her to become a leader.

If you are looking for a book that opens your mind to what women are going through and how you can lean in as a woman or support as a man this is it.

“As women must be empowered at work, men must be more empowered at home.”

4. The Tender Bar

Raw and powerful is this memoir written by J.R. Moehringer.

A young boy looking for men role models finds himself in a local bar full of men like his uncle. They embrace him and from them he learns how to be a man. This is the story of a boy abandoned by his father transitioning into a man by any means necessary.

How I am Regaining My Financial Independence With a Short Term Savings Plan

J.R poignantly tells his story on how he struggled with self-esteem even after being admitted to Yale University. It is also a story of first loves and heartbreaks.

You will also find a man torn between pleasing his mother by being a lawyer or going after his dream of being a writer. This is something we can all relate with.

“People just don’t understand how many men it takes to build one man. Next time you’re in Manhattan and you see one of those mighty skyscrapers going up, pay attention to how many men are engaged in the enterprise. It takes just as many men to build a sturdy man, as it does to build a tower.”

The irony of this book is that after such a long search from men on how to be a man he realized that his biggest lessons of being a man had been from his mother.

You will love this one.

5. The Alchemist

If you are a Paulo Coehlo fan you will agree with me that he has a way of putting in life lessons in his fiction work. This book is no exception.

A story of a boy who goes after his personal legend encountering multiple obstacles. A journey we all have to take and be resilient. The boy meets people who help him, people who rob him and a girl yes a love story is always there.

This book will encourage you to go after what you believe is your calling and should become your pocket book.

when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

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