5 Affirmations I have Written on The Life I Live Journal

by Pauline

T o affirm is to state that it is so, and as you maintain this attitude of mind as true, regardless of all evidence to the contrary, you will receive an answer to your prayer.” Joseph Murphy

To have affirmations is not to say that you are just wishing for things to happen. It’s to believe that you deserve great things and to pursue them with all confidence.

Its days when I feel like everything is falling apart and I should stay in bed that I need my affirmations more. Days when I want to Netflix the whole day while eating a banana cake that I decide to rise above with affirmations.

There are people who have surrendered to what life has handed them. They believe that certain places/things don’t belong to them. They publicly say that certain success is not achieved by people like them.

The battle starts in the mind. When you constantly call yourself a loser, a failure, that you start to believe that. When opportunities arise, you can’t see them because you have a victim mentality.

I know this game so well because I have played it-knocked myself down when I was already down.  Then I started reading about affirmations and realized the enemy was within.

‘’Whatever you affirm consciously and feel as true will be made manifest in your mind, body and affairs.’’ The power of Your Subconscious Mind

Most days I will look in the mirror and repeat affirmations until I believe it. Other days I will whisper to myself in the office or before I start a challenging task. I write most of them down so I can remind myself how awesome I am on days when I don’t feel so;

I love every part of my body and I am taking the best care of it

People love to point out certain things about your body. It could be jokingly or even in a mean way and most times it will get to you.

My Journaling Experience: How My Affirmations/Gratitude Journal Helps Me Overcome Anxiety

I realized that working out or eating healthy doesn’t help my relationship with my body. I needed to accept it as it is, love it before I can even achieve any kind of body goals. I struggled loving my not so comfortable parts but understanding I can’t help what I don’t love helped me love every part of me.

I remind myself to eat healthy so my body doesn’t fail me. I have cheat days that bless my soul but at the end of the day something healthy has to go in and work outs have to be incorporated.

I repeat this affirmation when am working out and my body screams’ why?’

I am enough; always

I am everything and then some. For someone who has battled with impostor syndrome this is huge for me.

I constantly have battles in my head where one voice claims I don’t deserve to be in a room with certain people and the other shouts I am enough. I listen to the latter now.

This is also how I deal with procrastination where the battle is “maybe I am not prepared enough or I am not the right person for this, I should get help.” I silence the voice and remind myself of my achievements and affirm that “I am smart enough, talented enough and very capable.”

By day and by Night I am being prospered in all of my Interest

This is an affirmation from the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.”

I got through my tough times repeating this affirmation. When my hard work seemed to go unnoticed and no fruits borne I repeated this affirmation until I believed it.

Even now I believe that everything I am putting in work is leading me to where I want and need to be. The success may not be instant but I am sure being prospered.

My mind is focused so setbacks may hurt me but they will no longer keep me down. I shall rise for even in my fails I am being prospered.

Vision Board.

I will not fall, God is within me

When the odds were against me and everything was falling apart this verse kept me going. It still does on days when I feel defeated.

Failure I have come to realize is where we learn our biggest lessons. It’s a detour as Oprah says that shouts not that way.  I know that what looks like failure in my eyes is a blessing in disguise so I believe this verse.  God is within me.

Girl, you are beautiful just the way you are

Anything from a bad hair day to break outs can cause you to look at yourself in a different way.  I have my days when my flaws line up when I look in the mirror. My lips are too dark, my thighs too big and my hair all over the place.

“You are beautiful and I love you,” I tell the girl in the mirror. I smile so wide and love on myself.

When you are secure no one with their comments can make you feel insecure.

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