4 struggles I have Experienced after Transitioning into a New Career and How I am overcoming Them

by Pauline
We go through adulthood wondering what our why is. We get into jobs hopeful that it leads us to our purpose in life. We start businesses and pray that we make a difference with it.

We all want to find our thing, our calling. For some, they discover it when young while for people like me it feels like an endless journey.

Last year, I left my job because I felt stuck. It didn’t serve me anymore and I knew I had to leave. I searched my soul and heart and made a decision to start over again in a new career.

I love being a creative and all my work revolves around being creative.

On most days I love my new job, I mean it’s my thing and hopeful it’s my calling or it will lead me to my purpose. That said, some days I am overwhelmed.

It’s a new field and I can’t rely on my creativity alone, there are skills that I need to learn. And learn have I done during this pandemic.

Still, I can’t say it has been easy. I have had my wins which I am grateful for and I have had challenging tasks and days.

I am open to sharing them with you, in case you are transitioning and can learn from my challenges.

Having Impostor syndrome

A psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.

This is the definition of impostor syndrome according to Wikipedia.

There are days that I celebrate my wins and I am amazed by how much I have learned from the internet on my own.

Other days, well, most days, I wish I knew more. While it’s okay to want to know more, this feeling comes with a sense of inadequacy. That whatever I have learnt and applied so far isn’t good enough.

I feel I haven’t earned the right to sit at the table of great digital marketers or call myself one. I don’t even introduce myself with that title as much as I should.


It’s hard to fight this feeling but what I have been doing is enrolling in great courses. I am also learning from my work experiences and learning from people who have gone before me.

I know soon enough, I will not only feel right to sit at the table but I will own the damn table.

Dealing with Slow growth

I am a millennial, excuse me for having days I wish overnight success was a thing.

While I know this is a new career path and it may take time to grow I can’t help but feel bad for the slow growth.

The pressure is real and time is moving so fast. I find myself envying people who got great jobs after university. It makes me wish i did something with my time other than be in class cramming for an exam.

But, I also understand the pressure is from society. There is an age for everything according to society.

There is an age where you should be married with kids. There is also an age whereby if you haven’t figured out your career path you are destined to be a failure.

What I am learning is; Rome wasn’t built in a day. There are days I will win and others I will lose. The loss will lead to learning while the wins may open more doors. Either way, as long as I don’t quit on myself i will get there, slow or fast.

Struggling to get mentors

I am not a social person. I would rather stay in my own cocoon than go out to socialize with other people.

This means networking has been a challenge for me. Having a mentor is important for me because it means i have someone who has gone before me and I can learn from them.

Having acknowledged that, I am trying to get friends to introduce me to their friends who are in my field. This way i can build a working relationship with them and have them as my mentors.

Finishing strong..

I also recently got into a membership club and I will use this opportunity to network. It’s also a great platform to get an accountability partner.

Letting Fear stop me

I have let fear stop me from grabbing opportunities that I could succeed in. Fear has made me doubt my skills and hence stay on the safe side.

Fear has also played a part in me not being as aggressive as I would love to be. I am always questioning myself before I take up a project.

I am going to deliver? Will i make them lose money?

But, I know i need to learn how to live with fear because it will always be there. I need to learn how to say yes despite feeling the fear.

You know how you lay in bed and allow your imagination to take over your mind? You create a beautiful life and see it happening. I do that too, and I want to bring it to reality, even if fear has to tag along.

All these challenges are not unique to me. I know most people face them whether transitioning or not. The goal is to keep moving and to never  quit on one self.


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